Seven Things | January Edition

Monday, February 4, 2019

Happy Monday!

1. Today marks one month of Gluten and Diary free. I am pretty excited about this accomplishment. Clean Monday Meals has saved my ass during this several times. I think diary has been the hardest part. Not because of milk but you never realize what all you put cheese on until you can't. I am currently eating her turkey chili and will do the corn and zucchini soup next. Soups are so easy to throw on the stove Sunday and eat on all week. 

2. I signed us up for a marriage conference at our church for Valentine's Day weekend. I am so excited to go to the conference and do something for just the two of us. It starts on Friday night with a speaker and then a party. Then Saturday they have a few speakers, lunch, and then another speaker. It is amazing. 

3. I organized my upstairs (2 bedrooms, a bonus, and bathroom) and realized that it is so important to purge things that you don't use. I cleaned up the attic and already have a great pile for the neighborhood yard sale in April. My goal is to purge 1/3 of house. 

4. I realized after Charlee's second birthday party that cupcakes are the way to  go for every birthday party. I got her a little smash cake and did cupcakes for everyone else. The cupcakes are so much easier and are just as cute. The cupcakes were delicious and just the right size. No guessing about cake sizes and people requesting certain pieces of the cake. 

5. We also worked realllly hard on setting a budget for the new year. Budgeting is very important with a kid. We decided how much money we want to put into saving every month and the rest of the money when into a category. 

6. I purchased the She reads truth study bible. Yall this bible is amazing. I put these tabs on it to make it a little more special. I love this bible and all the info that you get from it.

7. Snow Days where it just rains instead of snows suck. I had a very important doctor's appt in Birmingham (about 2 hours away) that they cancelled because it was supposed to snow and the roads were going to be closed. Welcome to Alabama. It just rained.....

Have A Great Week Yall.  

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