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Friday, July 19, 2019

Hey Friends! 

I am back and living on the coast now. Things have been so crazy here lately! I am so thankful that we are all adjusting well and I am loving my new job. Basically I am doing the same thing just in a different county. I love being a legal assistant and going to court with my attorney. We sold our home and decided that we would be building in our new town. So we are moving into an apartment for a year while the house is being built. I am excited for the change and really love being on the coast. I wanted to share a few great things I have found lately. 

* Prime Day. We scooped up some great things from prime day. We purchased on ring camera and alarm for the new apartment. It made me a little nervous that it didn't have an alarm system but these just mount to the ball and you can see everything through the app. Did you guys get anything good?

* I ordered some cookbooks from Target at the beginning of the week and they showed up on the doorstep yesterday. I am pretty excited about them. I ordered the Joanna Gaines cookbook and the delish eat everyday like it is the weekend. I am trying to get some better more realistic cookbooks that I can use during the week to cook dinner. Those fancy four hour dishes ain't gonna happen. 

* Yall! Cupshe has the bomb bathing suits right now. I bought a few bathing suit from them lately and they are great. Every single one of them fits great and the quality is the bomb. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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