Learning and Growing

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Hey Friends. So I use this space to look back and remember the journey of life. One thing that I learned really quickly thought out our fertility journey is that life doesn't always go as planned. Meaning that it almost never works out how you expect it to. Which is totally okay. I know God is planning and walking me through paths to learn and grow. I totally get that. I've learned really quickly through motherhood that just because we finally have our blessing that I am not done learning and growing.  

Friday Favs

Friday, October 25, 2019

Hey Friends! I hope that you had the best week ever! I can't believe that Halloween is next week. 

one. Target this week has a 20% off shoes for the fam sale. If you do the new Target Circle you can snag a pair of cute shoes for 20% off. I used it to grab these cute combat boots that the Sister Studio had on in a recent picture. I grab Charlee these to wear with her Halloween costume.

two. We have been subscribing  to ButcherBox for about six months now and GUYS. This is good. I wanted to wait until we tried a lot of different things before I shared with yall but if you don't get Butcherbox GET ON BOARD. It is all Grass Fed Farm Raised meat. I can send you a code if you want to get a discount on your first box. If you sign up right now you get FREE turkey. Yes you read that right. A free turkey!

Catching Up

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Hey Friends! Life has been a rollercoaster these past few months..... Let catch up...

* We are getting settled in our new town. We now live on the Coast of Alabama. It is so much different than central Alabama but oh so good. Things are changing with our career's and life and it really is great. 

* Char is almost three and has turned into quite the sassy pants. We are still managing to find the proper punishment for her sassiness. I don't want to hinder her but at the same time there is a time and place for it. 

* We are currently living in an apartment but we figure out which city on the bay that we would like to be in. There are three different options and they are so different. 

* I think we have almost given up on having a second baby. Everything cost so much and we have already had so many disappointments. It's on the back burner for now.

* I just started another diet bet group in hopes that I can drop 10 pounds in the next few months. I totally needs some cheering on and encouragement along the way. I have four weeks from yesterday to get it done.

I'm excited to be back... 

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